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Journal Articles & book chapters

2022 "Teaching and Confronting Digital Extremism: Contexts, Challenges and Opportunities." Information and Learning Sciences 123 (1/2): 7-25.

2021 (with Farah Qureshi and Kristin N. Johnson). "(Dis)Crediting Claims of Financial Inclusion: The Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Consumer Credit Markets in the United States and Kenya." Journal of International & Comparative Law 8 (2): 405-434.

2021 (with Tania DoCarmo, John Emery, Evan Conaway, and Noopur Raval). "The Law in Computation: What Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data Mean for Law and Society Scholarship." Law & Policy 43 (2): 170-199.

2021 (with Hanzelle Kleeman, Qin Zhu, Benjamin Gilbert, and Chuan Yue). "Crowdsourcing as a Tool for Research: Methodological, Fair, and Political Considerations." Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society 40 (3-4): 40-53.

2019 "Chronotopes and Social Types in South Korean Digital Gaming." Signs and Society (Special Issue: When Time Matters) 7 (1): 115-136.

2018 "Calibrating Play: Sociotemporality in South Korean Digital Gaming Culture." American Anthropologist 120 (3): 500-511.

2017 (with Ursula Dalinghaus, Taylor C. Nelms, and Bill Maurer). "Riding the Rails of Mobile Payments: Financial Inclusion, Mobile Phones, and Infrastructure." In The Routledge Companion to Digital Ethnography.

2017 "Mobilizing Games, Disrupting Culture." In Mobile Gaming in Asia: Politics, Culture and Emerging Technologies.

2016 "Crafting Stars: South Korean e-Sports and the Emergence of a Digital Gaming Culture." Education About Asia 21 (2): 22-27.

2013 (with Bill Maurer and Taylor C. Nelms). "Bridges to Cash: Channelling Agency in Mobile Money." Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 19 (1): 52-74.


2020 "A Survey of Fair and Responsible Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Consumer Financial Services" (in partnership with Capital One's Responsible AI Program). SSRN.

2019 (with Jessica Callahan, Mizuko Ito, and Amanda Wortman) "Influences on Occupational Identity in Adolescence: A Review of Research and Programs." Connected Learning Alliance.

2019 "Core Processors and Data Integration in the Credit Union System." Filene Research Institute.

2019 (with Taylor C. Nelms) "The Credit Union of the Twenty-First Century." Filene Research Institute.

2017 (with Taylor C. Nelms) "Mobile Money: The First Decade." IMTFI Capstone Report.

2014 "Prospects for Digital Financial Inclusion in Nigeria: Savings, Payments, and Regulatory Environment." Report prepared for Financial Inclusion Insights/InterMedia Open Data Analysis Challenge.

BLOG POSTS & Media Contributions

(with Colin Bernatzky and Sion Avakian) 2020, September. "Why Social Science? Because We're Living Through an 'Infodemic.'" Why Social Science? Blog.

(with Taylor Nelms) 2019, February. "No Love Lost: What Credit Unions Can Expect From Cores of the Future.Credit Union Times.

2017, September. "Can Financial Inclusion be Synonymous with Financial Justice and Equity?" IMTFI Blog.

(with Bill Maurer) 2012, April. Guest bloggers for credit, bankruptcy, consumers, and finance blog Credit Slips.

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